Family Update – Valentines Day, Family Day and everything in between.

I will start off with some pictures of my lovely kitty cats.
Gwen, Parker, Faith and Winnie (or Burger)

We have been really struggling to get Monkey Girl to sleep in her toddler bed. In the beginning there was lot’s of us sleeping with her, but I knew that was a bad habit to create – though I do think this picture of Monkey Girl and her Daddy is exceptionally cute.

Now, we put her in her room, tuck her in a couple of times and leave her to her own devices – she has chosen not to sleep on her bed and was laying her blankets on the floor to sleep on. She would wake 3 or 4 times a night so it just wasn’t working. We decided to pull the cushion off of the rocker instead and that is working very well. The photo below is one of her make shift bed – created all by her.

The boys have ben playing hockey every chance they get.

This is our weekday morning hockey crew – my boys and my before school kids can always be found playing hockey in front of our house, just about every day. They even try to play in the rain!
They are currently playing out the play offs and at the end of the season I’ll be holding a “Stanley Cup” party for them where they get to play their last game and have a bunch of fun.

We’ve also been building puzzles and watching Mr. Hockey play hockey. (My camera’s batteries died before I had a chance to get a picture of him on the ice!)

Monkey Girl gave Parker some loving on Valentine’s Day!

We had a visit from our friends – I love those ear muffs!

Monkey Girl and I made a snowman out of the tiny bit of snow we got – it melted away by that evening but at least we got to use the snowman kit!

The kids hung around, coloured with Leah and read books.

While Big Guy, Hubbers and I played a game with friends.

Electric Lady, Prince Charming, Monkey Girl and I went for a walk to the park – It was all goopy and wet but still fun to play at.

And finally, we spent Family Day (Ontario Holiday) at the YMCA swimming, eating a BBQ lunch and bouncing in blow up castles.

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