Vroom Vroom Paintings

We did a theme with transportation this week so I thought some fun car paintings would be right up our alley.

Monkey Girl and Prince Charming were both pretty interested but the big kids – not so much. That’s okay though, we made cupcakes later which satisfied Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady. Elastoboy isn’t much into crafts and baking with mom and dad anymore.

I poured various colours of paint onto an old margarine lid and had the two of them drive their cars through the paint. They had fun making vrooming noises and were quite excited with the ways in which the paint mixed. “Look Momma, it purple now!”

We then drove the cars all over the paper. I made sure to choose some with big wheels, one with three wheels down the middle, tiny wheels, bumpy wheels, etc. Each one left a different print when rolled over the paper. Both of them liked the tire treads on the tractor the best.

And wah-lah – a nice, easy painting experience. Also perfect for kids who hate getting their hands dirty like these two!

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