A Jar full of Kindness

Electric Lady brought home a list of items to complete on each day of Lent from school. She goes to a Catholic school and some of them were very denomination focused so I redid them, keeping to the same point, just praying for our pastors rather than the pope, etc.

Each night at dinner (or as often as we are able) I have the kids pick one or two, depending on if we have skipped any days or not. I read them out loud, add them to our deed list and talk about the one(s) from the pervious day. I fill in a square for each completed deed and Monkey Girl (who can’t participate as fully as the bigger kids) glues the new deeds on a piece of paper.

So far it is working nicely and everyone (except Big Guy who has been out and about a lot lately) is participating and doing well. In the end, we will tally the amount for each person and the one who has the most will go to the grocery store and spend that amount of money on food for the foodbank. Mr. Hockey is particularly excited about this and is quite enthusiastic to complete each act of kindness.

I am loving this so much more than last years “Egg-Cellent Fun” that I think it may become a tradition!

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