Tt is for Totschool, Trains and Toilet Training!

Tot School

My tot is 31.5 months old.

We worked on the letter Tt this week! Monkey Girl also decided that she would take this whole toilet training thing seriously too! I have been encouraging her to sit and pee for months now and one day, when I wasn’t expecting it, she actually pee’d! Every other time she’d sit there, sing songs and then get up again.

We started out Monday with playing Starfall and The ABC’s of God on the Ipad.

We then worked on some letter Tt printables from 1+1+1=1. Monkey Girl enjoyed using my star highlighter to colour her Tt’s on the train and colour the letter Tt words.

She then moved to her dot markers to “trace” the letter Tt and Colour a picture of a Train.

We then spent some time playing with trains, kitties (her favourite game) and cooking trains in the toy kitchen – don’t ask!

We finished off the morning with some water bead play! She is still loving these things, as are the rest of the kids.

On Tuesday, we played with a new magnetic train set from the Dollarama, used magnets to cover Tt’s on a train and traced the letter Tt some more.

We didn’t do much on Wednesday because I was out most of the morning for Mr. Hockey’s braces appointment. We did colour in a “healthy food” Dora sticker and colouring book. I took the time to talk about how healthy food helps us grow, etc. We then coloured in a baby animal colouring book and of course, took time on the potty!

On Thursday we painted with trains, cars, trucks etc and then “cleaned” the vehicles in the sink. She spent lot’s of time at this part.

She also did a colour by number train from homeschool creations. I coloured the numbers the colour suggested on the page so she knew what colour to use for each part. We then finished off the morning with some nice relaxing playdough.

Friday was another day where we didn’t accomplish much but focused really hard on potty training. She is doing much better than I expected and was so excited to add stickers to her sticker page. She also was pretty pleased with new Hello Kitty underwear!

I set aside trays for Prince Charming again this week. His choices on Tuesday were the transportation magnets, using magnets to find Tt’s on a cake pan, practicing writing letters and finishing up some tot school sheets that Monkey Girl didn’t get to.

On Thursday he chose to colour the train colour by number and paint with vehicles.

And that would be all folks! Next week? Uu is for Underwear and Umbrellas!

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One Response to Tt is for Totschool, Trains and Toilet Training!

  1. Μάρω says:

    Yoy are doing so many great activities!!! I love your work!

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