A Romp in the Tub

Monkey Girl desperately wanted in the bathtub the other day – even though she had already had a bath earlier in the day – so I decided to make some fun of it! Sorry for the bad quality of photos but the lighting in our bathroom is terrible and a nude toddler doesn’t make the best photos!

I put down three peices of paper (I’d do more in the future) and some finger paints. I then stripped my girl down to her birthday suit and instructed her to “paint with her feet”. It took her a few minutes to get into it but soon was dancing in the tub. She enjoyed painting the actual tub more than the papers, as is evidenced in one of the photos below.


The great thing about painting in the tub is very easy cleanup. I just turned on the water, added bubbles and Monkey Girl spent the next half hour splashing in the water. We let our paintings dry on the sink while she played.

A great evening “Romp in the Tub!”

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One Response to A Romp in the Tub

  1. Beth says:

    What a messy, fun project!! You are a brave mama =-) And a FUN one too!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you tomorrow,
    Beth =-)

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