Totschool – Uu is for Umbrella’s, Underwear and Undeniably Late!

Tot School

My tot(s) are 32 months, 5 years and 35 months old.

We started the letter Uu before March break but with the surprise trip that Hubbers planned and getting Prince Charming packed up we didn’t get to complete it so we continued the theme when we got home. This week was just as busy (if not more) so it worked out nicely. Prince Charming has now moved back with his Daddy and we had our new little buddy,  who is 35 months old, move in.

Here are some highlights of our letter Uu weeks!
Monkey Girl and I made her letter Tt (because we had left it out during the week previous) and Uu sticker cards then sorted all her flashcards in the letter basket into “Tt” lines and “Uu” lines. Monkey girl loved it!

We had fun with the totschool printables from 1+1+1=1. Some we did 2 or 3 times and others we took our time on. They sure were a hit for this letter unit!

A couple of printable highlights were using playdough to cover the U’s and to make an umbrella. She spent tons of time on this and had to make them “just so”. This is the first time she really got into the playdough letters!

She also very much enjoyed colouring in her shapes based on the attributes of the umbrella pictured on each one. For example, I would say “What shape has an umbrellas that is red with 5 raindrops on it?” She would find the umbrellas, name the shape and colour it. She took her time and did a great job!

Our favourite Uu activity was a Uu is for Underwear craft. Since Monkey Girl was in the midst of toilet training (we have since come out the other side with her being successful most of the time) we talked a lot about underwear! For this craft, I cut out a large “U” and taped it to a blank peice of white paper. Monkey girl dobbed the Uu with her dot markers until it was filled up. I then peeled the “U” off, giving us 2 “U’s” – the colourful painted one and then the resist “U”. I then cut out a bunch of underwear shapes and she glued them on the resist “U”. She then instructed me how to decorate each one to make it look even more like underwear. It turned out very cute!

We had some time for our learning toys, but Monkey Girl has gotten back into a “All I want to do is colour” phase.

We played with the rice bin quite a few times as well, although I only got a few pictures.

We also spent lot’s of time outside enjoying the warm spring weather!
We picnicked at the park and enjoyed the play equipment…

and took the time to feed the ducks.

We played hockey in front of the house… she’s smiling, not grimacing in pain tho it sure does look that way!

And drew with chalk, jumped on a trampoline and had an all around good time.

And that would be it. We are in the midst of the letter Vv right now and having a great time!

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