Update on our Crazy Life

It is always busy around here!

Lately, it has been so busy I haven’t even had time for my blog! Rest assured though, we are still crafting, tot-schooling and all around just being us! I figured I would post a very few words, lot’s of pictures update to let you know what’s been going on!

First – part 2 of our Trip to NB – Grampie Brad’s (love this picture… reminds me of a painting I saw once), My Crazy Birthday presents (really, they came in a wrapped box and everything, Hubberz and Monkey Girl at his Grammie’s place and my friend Helen’s adorable little boys.

Once at home, we had some birthday celebrations for Big Guy and I – a cake at our house on Big Guy’s b-day and then a birthday dinner for both of us.

We had tea parties, smiled for the camera and made Grilled Cheese.

We did a lot of playing at the park to enjoy the nice spring weather.

Prince Charming moved back home and we had a goodbye/birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Little Why moved in the same day Prince Charming moved out and Monkey Girl has enjoyed the company. She misses Prince Charming tons though, and asks about him every day.

Mr. Hockey had his last Hockey Game of the season.

And went to his Penguins Versus Senators hockey game he had been waiting for since his b-day. He got to invite 2 friends and me!

We decorated sugar cookies.

We had fun with the skateboard and wagon and Monkey Girl finished up her swimming lessons.

And that be all folks!

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