Totschool – Vv is for Volcanoes!

I feel like the last month or so have been one thing after another – not bad things, just busy, busy, busy! We haven’t had as much time for totschool but we’re still trucking along, trying to do as much as I can because Monkey Girl loves the activities very much and Little Why needs the extra time spent on learning games as he is having speech difficulties and is lagging a bit behind cognitively. I’m a bit behind with my posting, but we’ll catch up=)

To start, we had fun with printables from 1+1+1=1. Monkey girl and Little Why used dot markers and playdough with them this week. Both were a lot of fun and I love how Monkey Girl’s playdough Vv turned out!

We played with our tot trays – The dinosaur page of our Melissa and Doug reusable sticker set, An Alphabet Matching puzzle, counting cards and “river stones”, and a Dora colouring set. Little Why joined us on all activities too, I just was not using my noggin enough to remember to take a few photos that didn’t show his face so I could share them here. Oops! I’ll try to remember that in the future!

We made our Vv is for Volcano sticker cards and played Eye Spy with the items in the letter basket.

I also started something new this week and plan to keep it going! I have long wanted to start doing a Bible activity with Monkey Girl but just haven’t had the drive to put it together. I chose a book that had been given to us at Monkey Girl’s baby shower, First Steps to God; Beginning Lessons of God’s Love, and am reading one page a week to the kids. Each page has a “God Loves Me When….” then goes into the theme with a couple of paragraphs that rhyme nicely and have adoreable illustrations. We read it at snack time (I’ve done this 2 more weeks since this post… I said I was behind=p) then talk to them about what it means and we do an activity. This week it was about God loving us when we are happy and sad so we made little faces that have a smile on one side and a frown on the other.

We glued on a Popsicle stick and I prompted them to use the faces by saying “When I am SAD, God’s love makes me HAPPY!” We did that a few times with the faces, then I had the kids pretend to cry when I said “sad” and then show their biggest smile when I said “happy.” They loved this and were eager to show their siblings and Hubbers at supper that night. (P.S. Monkey Girl is not deformed… she has a pretzel in her mouth!)

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