Egg-stra Colourful Egg Mosaics

Little Why went to a visit last week, leaving Monkey Girl and I to spend some time together. When I asked her what she would like to do, she said “craft!” I showed her some Easter crafts on Pinterest and she chose an Easter egg Mosaic.

We modified it to a more personal size and got to work. I think we will do this activity in the future as Monkey Girl had so much fun with it and the result was lovely – perhaps some spring flowers or a beach ball could be in our future!

Prep: I cut out a medium sized Egg on white printer paper and small squares of various coloured construction paper. We had some larger squares of tissue paper on hand as well. I let Monkey Girl pick her colours.
Step 1:
Draw lines on an egg shape that Mommy cut out. She spaced them out and drew the lines all by herself with no input from me.

Step 2: We added glue and started to stick down the squares.

Step 4: Add more glue as needed and try to fill in all the white spots. Monkey Girl was quite particular about this. She would go back to lines she had finished with when she noticed a white spot and fill it in!

Step 5: Try to wear the finished egg and when that doesn’t work so well, show it off proudly and ask your Momma to put it on the wall.

And there you have it – our Egg-stra Colourful Egg Mosaics!

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