Totschool – Our Easter Week

Tot School

My tots are 32.5 months and 35.5 months old.

We did these activities the week before Easter but I am a bit behind in posting. We’ll be caught up next week as we had a week of pretty much nothing last week… so I don’t need to post about that!

Anyway… we shall start with Monday!
We began with building this cute Easter puzzle from the Dollarama.

Then had some fun with some Easter stickers that I had purchased. I love Monkey Girl’s tongue sticking out!

Little Why had a visit on Tuesday, so Monkey Girl and I did some colouring and crafting. I was very impressed with her colouring on this Easter basket that I drew for her. She really took her time and paid attention to detail. I did not help her at all!

We made an egg mosaic craft too. Mr. Why made one once he got home too.

I also made a little game out of an Easter tic tac toe set. I placed ABC stickers in the holes where the chicks and rabbits fit, then placed matching ones on the bottoms of the animal pieces. Monkey Girl grasped the concept right away and it actually was very much at her level. It was definitly over Little Why’s head but I helped him and he enjoyed it too.

We enjoyed some stamping with these cute little Easter stamps that I found at the Dollarama.

Finally, we did our Bible time. We are still working through our “God Loves Me” book and did the second page. It was all about God’s love being with us, no matter where we are so I made a “map” of some places we frequent often like the church, our house, the park, grocery store, hockey arena and swimming pool.  I had the kids give me input on what to include. I then cut out little doors, glued the “map” to another piece of paper and drew hearts behind the little doors. I would ask “Where is God’s Love?” and have the littles tae turns opening the doors. “At the Swimming pool!” or “Upstairs in my bedroom!” etc. At the end, I had them both cheer “God’s Love is EVERYWHERE!” They loved showing their map off to Daddy and the big kids when they got home.

On Wednesday, we played with a treasure sensory bin I had made using gems, rocks and other neat objects from the dollar store. I also had two wooden treasure boxes that the kids enjoyed filling up. Not exactly Easter, but they had fun with it! It was supposed to be for St. Patricks Day but we went to NB so I wanted to use the items anyway!

We also coloured some Dora Easter pages.

And made Bunny ears… they loved these ears and wore them everyday until Easter.

We finished up our activities with some fun sheets from an Easter totpack at 1+1+1=1. It showed pictures of the cross, crown of thorns and the grave. I helped the littles make signs for each picture, then we coloured Jesus’s name. Both kids really liked this and Monkey Girl was found sitting with her stuffed kitties later in the day telling them about Jesus, that he made a “sacafish” and showing how to make the signs for cross, crown and grave. I love how much they soak up at this age!

And that is all for this week! We spent Thursday on appointments and Friday all the kids were home so we spent some time as a family.

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  1. Ness says:

    I love the treasure sensory bin. Full of such lovely items. Who wouldn’t want to play with that?

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