Totschool – Ww is for Windows, Water and Winnie Cat of course

Tot School

My tots are 33 and 36 months old.

We had a lot of fun with the letter Ww this week!

Monday started with using printables from 1+1+1=1. We did something different this week with the letter sheets. I first had the kids trace the Ww’s with their fingers, then we covered them with glue and popcorn.

We then coloured Ww items with dry erase markers.

And cplpured pictures of Whales and Walruses from Little Why’s Diego colouring book.

We finished up with playing with Monkey Girl’s new Dora house. We named the objects and had a tea party for all the characters.

Tuesday started with a shopping trip for Monkey Girl and I, then ended with some ipad play for Monkey Girl. Little Why was off for a playdate so we we had some fun together.

On Wednesday (Yes, monkey Girl is wearing the same sweater as yesterday and Little Why is still in his jammies… sometimes we just don’t get dressed around here!) we worked on our “God Loves Me” book and activity. I printed off a photo of each of the littles and we dressed them up as clowns. The verse for this week was about how god loves us whether we are happy or sad little clowns.

We also had some fun outside with bins of water, foam Ww’s and some pouring and dumping containers. It was a beautiful day and the littles had a lot of fun.

We also did some printables with dobbers as well.

On Thursday we spent the day at the library picking out books and enjoying story and rhyme time.

Friday began with an impromptu dance session involving new dancing shoes (jelly sandles and flashing sneakers).

We did some printables using dry erase markers and then moved onto colouring windows. Little Why doesn’t know his colours like Monkey Girl does so I helped him by laying out the crayons on the correct window. Monkey Girl likes the challenge of matching and colouring them herself.

We finished up our week with a scavenger hunt using the vocabulary sheet from the printables. We ran around the house finding the objects, then circled them with dry erase markers. Monkey Girl was very into it, Little Why not so much but tagged along anyway.

And that is all for now! Next week – Xx! I can’t believe we are almost done the alphabet!

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One Response to Totschool – Ww is for Windows, Water and Winnie Cat of course

  1. Angela says:

    Wow!! You’re good!!

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