Totschool – Xx is not for Exciting but should be!

Tot School

My tots are 33 and 36 months.

We worked on X this week but had some kind of flu bug begin (it is still going too!) so we didn’t get as much learning/play time as usual.

On Monday we painted the letter Xx… and since Monkey Girl is paint crazy lately, she painted some kitties too while Little Why ran off to play.

We also did our “God Loves Me” lesson again this week. The theme was about God making things that are scary (like thunder storms) seem okay (sunny days) when we pray and ask for his help. I had a hard time thinking up one for this so we simply covered the front of a folded piece of paper with red and black tissue paper squares, then made a pop out sunshine in the middle with yellow tissue paper. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project though! The littles had fun flipping it back and forth when I would say “When it is dark and sort of scary (point to front of card) God loves me and makes it bright and cheery! (flip to sunshine)”

On Tuesday, we made our sticker cards for the letters Ww and Xx – we forgot to do Ww last week! I then added all the Ww and Xx flashcards to our letter basket and we sorted them by letter.

Little Why and Monkey Girl helped me organize the Leap Frog ABC Phonics magnets from A-Z, then we had fun putting in Ww and Xx to hear what the sounds they made. We also danced in circles a few dozen time to the ABC song!

On Wednesday Little Why spent the day visiting with his sister so Monkey Girl and I had some one on one time. She loves Little Why and misses him when he goes away, but she always laps up the undivided attention I can give her during these times.

We started with doing some letter Xx printables from 1+1+1=1. She was very proud of the Xx she traced, as you can see in the photo above!

We then played eye spy with the flashcards in the letter basket and sorted items in the spring sensory bin. We did this together for about a half an hour and she kept at it for another half hour after I had to go tidy up the kitchen! (P.S. As I added the photos, I noticed that she is wearing the same outfit on Wednesday as she was on Monday! She has been into picking out her own clothes lately… I guess these are now favourties!

On Thursday, Little Why woke up with a high temperature (102) and was unable to join our play, even though he very much wanted to. He just couldn’t keep his eyes open. Monkey Girl and I experimented with bubbles and food colouring. She had a blast blowing bubbles and popping them and was absolutely fascinated by the swirls of colour when I added food colouring. This activity led to Bubble Painting, which you can check out in my next post!

We finished off the morning with some painting. This girl LOVES making art! Little Why was fast asleep on the couch for the whole time!

And that be all folks! Next week? The letter Yy! Only one more to go and we have finished the alphabet! I have a few fun themed weeks planned to take us until the end of the school year after that.

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One Response to Totschool – Xx is not for Exciting but should be!

  1. Debbie says:

    Aww I hope you little boy is feeling better. The bubble play looks amazing, I might have to give that a go soon.

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