Pop, Pop, Pop, Popping Bubble Paintings

After my bubble science experiment with Monkey Girl, I decided to make bubble paintings with our bubble concoction. This time Mr. Hockey and Little Why helped Monkey Girl and I.

First we added water, dishwashing liquid and some Mr. Bubble solution to a tin pie plate.

Next we used straws to blow bubbles. We made huge piles of them on top of the tin pie plate.

Then the fun began! We added food colouring to the top of the bubbles. Hint: place the top of the liquid food colouring gently on top of the bubbles and let out small squeeze. If you drop from above, the colour drops will go right through the bubbles and land in the solution below.

Once we had added a few drops of colour, we took a piece of white computer paper and gently pushed down on the bubbles. This caused them to pop against the paper making lovely designs. We made tons of these and they all turned out beautiful and unique!

We have since done this a couple more times. Once with just Little Why and Monkey Girl and once with my afterschoolers. Lot’s of fun!

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