Totschool – Yy is for Yoyo and some randomness thrown in

Tot School

My tots are 33 and 36 months old.

We didn’t stick to our theme very well this week. The sun was shining, Mr. Hockey was home sick from school and Monkey Girl and Little Why were still on the mend from their sickness last week. We still had a good week though, just not quite as full as usual.

On Monday, we played with Chalk. I drew Yy’s and Yoyo’s on the ground which Monkey Girl and Little Why coloured. Then I made a hopscotch from 1-10 and had the little jump on each number as we counted. They thought it was great fun!

On Tuesday, we began with our “God Loves Me” lesson. This week the verse was about God helping us to be strong when we feel weak by loving us. I cut out a person for each of the littles and had them draw on a happy face. Then I cut out two hearts for each of them to glue on where the muscles on their arms would be. Very simple, but they really got it when I pointed to the hearts and said “That is God’s Love! The person is stronger because of God’s love.”

We also did some of the letter Yy printables from 1+1+1=1. they both did a great job tracing the letter Yy. Little Y’s fine motor skills have increased tenfold since he moved in with us! He even has good pencil grip – something I cannot get my stubborn little lady to even attemp! I am very proud of him.

On Wednesday, both littles were feeling tired and yucky and Mr. Hockey was sick and home from school so we didn’t do much. We did get some playdough play in though.

On Thursday, we made patterns with frogs and butterlflies. Monkey Girl has been very into patterns lately so she was pretty into it. Little Why, on the other hand, had very little interest and decided to make them “fight” instead.

We also took a trip to the library for our Story and Rhyme playgroup and got out some new books of course. We finished off the day by playing on the kindergarten playground at Electric Lady’s school while we waited for her school day to finish up.

On Friday, we made flower pots out of margarine containers and planted some cat grass for our kitties. More on this in a later post=)

We finished off the week some more Yy printables.

And that is it for this week! Next week, we will finish off the alphabet with the letter Zz and a visit to the Zoo!

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One Response to Totschool – Yy is for Yoyo and some randomness thrown in

  1. Debbie says:

    Both of your tots have great pen skills 🙂 I’m still encouraging William to hold the pen a little lower down so he can gain more control.

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