Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Fun

It’s been a busy time lately with hubbers away, kids sick, my cousin coming to stay with us and all the time at the park we have been having due to the lovely sunshine.

However, when my little Monkey Girl watched the Mother’s Day episode of Dora the Explorer, she was so excited by the cake Dora made for her Mommy that I knew we had to do something too.

So… being the amazing cook I am… I bought a package of “just add water” banana muffin mix, a few bananas, some chocolate chips and walnuts. (In case you are wondering – we used one banana chopped into small chunks, 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips and a small handful of walnuts to top them off for each batch of 12 we made.)
I then gathered some lovely helpers who just happened to come in the form of a 2,3,10 and 11 year old.

We filled the cupcake pan with papers and stirred the muffin mix and water together. Electric Lady then added the chocolate chips to the mixture.

We added chunks of banana, slopped the muffin batter into the muffin tin and topped them with walnuts.

And TA-DA! Lovely Bananay-chocolate chippy-nutty muffins!

They were tasty and cute and made Monkey Girl smile and talk about them all week long! So worth the hour we spent making them on a rainy afternoon in May!

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