Family Update – Been a While

Well as I finished going through my photos to make this update, I noticed that I had added 92 pictures to my update folder. I figured that may just be a few too many for a blog post so I have narrowed that down a bit to just give the highlights. I really need to get back to a  weekly or even bi-weekly schedule.

The littles and I have spent quite a bit of time enjoying the spring weather in our yard.

I made mashed potato icecream sundae’s for snack on April Fools. They looked much better than this when served… the chocolate sauce sunk in. I had Electric Lady and Mr. Hockey fooled but nobody else=p

Pirate Red (she wanted me to call her Souless Red… but that seems to scary for this happy go lucky blog=p) came to stay with us and we had some picnics at various parks!

And, Holy Smokes, have we every visited the many parks in our area a lot this year! Pretty much spending any free time we get there… not much totschool, not many crafts but certainly a lot of swinging and sliding!

We celebrated Easter with an Egg hunt and Dyeing eggs.

We took some family photos after we got home from church.

We had a nice Easter dinner too!

We visited my uncle, aunts and cousins who live near Ottawa.

The middle three started playing ball hockey. Mr. Hockey is loving it… the other two? Not so much but we told them they have to stick with it until the season is done. (It is only 8 weeks long). Mr. Hockey plays goalie most often, Elastoboy was goalie once but usually plays forward and Electric Lady is also a forward.

We enjoyed some bowling with the youth group on the last youth night of the year. It was also Monkey Girl and Little Why’s first time bowling. We all had a great time.

One of the biggest and best moments for our family was Electric Lady’s adoption ceremony! This is the blurry version of the group shot with the judge but I can’t post the others as Little Why is looking at the camera in those ones!

And my girl waiting to go into the courtroom and then again at her adoption party as well as a photo of just the three of us with the judge.

Finally – just some random snapshots that I like too much not to post!

And that would be the end for now!

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