Tis the Wedding Season

As many young (and not so young) couples begin to wed during the beautiful summer months, we have had a wedding all of our own.

It all started with Monkey Girl and Little Why sitting on the kitchen table. I uttered the old saying “Don’t sit on the table or you’ll be married before you’re able.” Of course, Monkey Girl’s reaction to that was “I want do that, Mommy!” So we figured, hey… why not!

I searched their bedrooms for just the right wedding outfits and added a bounce sheet as a lovely veil for Monkey Girl. Pirate Red gave her scarf to Little Why so he would feel special too… and Monkey Girl decided that her wedding attire needed a too small winter hats that was covered in colourful hearts. Duh… how could I have forgotten that!

We had some guests and a lovely photographer… driven a bit crazy by the excitement of the day.

The ceremony was officiated by Yours Truly. The vows consisted of something along the lines of “I promise to try my best not to hit, yell at or be mean to my good buddy ______. I will be a good friend.” They repeated the vows and ended in a bug hug.

All in all… a lovely time was had by all.

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