Attack of the Marshmallow Men!

A while back, I do not know from where or who, I saw the idea to use tooth picks and marshmallows to make people. I thought it was such a delightfully simple idea that I filed it away in my head. When hubbers returned from the store with some large roasting marshmallows, I knew I had to do it with the littles – which included another little guy, who I’ll call “Cutie Pie”, that we were fostering for a week while his mom got some things sorted out.

I sent Pirate red out to buy coloured marshmallows and toothpicks on Saturday evening and then as all three woke up bright and early, we got down to business after breakfast on Sunday morning.

I began by setting up the supplies and calling Monkey Girl, Little Why and Cutie Pie to the table.

We used toothpicks to make legs, arms and attach the head to the body. For the head, we just broke a marshmallow in half and it worked nicely. They looked a little plain so we added pointy toothpicks (spikes) and marshmallows (antennas and curls) for hair. I then had the three make a smile and we called them adorable!

They did make quite nice little microwave decorations. Much cuter than the “junk” bucket that migrated there! haha

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