Summer Fun, Ball Hockey and Grade 8 Graduation

We’ve had a busy month or so around here! It feels like we haven’t even had much time to breath with all the things that have been going on!

We took a trip to my uncle’s place, near Ottawa. They were watching the big kids while we celebrated our anniversary. Little Why fell asleep while reading a book on the drive there and then we had a great time visiting once we arrived.

We caught some beautiful sights while there – rainbows and sunsets, can it get any better than that?

We went to the funfair at the boys’ school. Pirate Red Baked a cake for Mr. Hockey to bring to the cake walk and Elastoboy won somebody else’s cake during the game, Mr. Hockey got soaked with his friends, the littles had a blast with the bouncy castle and firetruck and Electric Lady frequently disappeared, making it hard to get her photo!

Little Why and Monkey Girl visited a farm with the preschool class of a little guy we were  taking care of for a week.

We visited Woodbine park while the little guy (Cutie Pie) was visiting us and it was certainly a challenge to keep three toddlers from hurting themselves on the climbers!

And visited other parts too. We are definitely playground people!  

We opened the pool for the summer. The kids had a blast and have been enjoying it ever since!

A highlight for Electric Lady, Little Why and Monkey Girl was taking a trip to our friend’s home near Belleville. They had a blast playing and visiting with their new baby.

Pirate Red and Mr. Hockey have been combining their forces for the good of our family… and making all kinds of yummy treats!

Pirate Red, Monkey Girl, Little Why, Electric Lady, Mr. Hockey and I took a trip to the berry farm to pick some fresh strawberries. All the kids did well picking (and eating) berries except for Little Why who was pelting other berry pickers with strawberries when he got bored!

The big three had their ball hockey tournament weekend. Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady’s team (they were on the same one) has won nearly all their games this season, so it wasn’t a big surprise when they moved onto the championship game and ended up winning. Elastoboy, on the other hand, was on a team that lost nearly every game. His team ended up moving onto the  Championship game too… and won! We were all pretty surprised but happy that both of their teams came in first.

We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the mall which has sparked a Thomas obsession in our home.

Mr. Hockey’s class did a dance at their year end assembly and he was quite the free-styling wild man during that part! And just a random picture of me because my picture doesn’t end up here on the blog nearly as often as it should!
Elastoboy had his grade 8 graduation. Here in Ontario this is a very big deal. It was sort of alien to Hubbers and I, as we never had such a big deal made of leaving middle school but things went well and I am proud of my boy for making it this far. Next year is a big step on the growing up ladder!


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  1. Clarisse says:

    i wanted to thank you for this great read!! i am definitely enjoying every little bit of it i have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. thanks for all.

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