Oh Canada, how I love thee!

Christmas is my favourite holiday. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I become Christmas crazy from about November 2nd (need a break after Halloween) until December 26th. (I shut down fairly quickly after the big day).

I love to celebrate any holiday, really, but my second favourite has always been Canada Day. I love the feeling of coming together with my fellow Canadians and celebrating this great Country that we have been blessed with.

This year was no different!

We started with our annual Canada Day cake.
We cored and chopped 2 litres of strawberries then Hubbers covered them in a deliciously gooey mixture of melted butter and brown sugar that he had melted together on the stove.
We mixed the strawberry mixture together then put them on the bottom of a greased glass pan. Pirate Red made a vanilla cake mix and Mr. Hockey dumped it on top of the strawberry mixture…. then the bowl was licked clean!
We cooked the cake, turned it upside down and let it cool. Once cool, we added lightly sweetened whipped cream and made the Canadian flag on top with a bunch of strawberries. It turned out lovely!

Looks yummy, right?

I then forced everyone to pose for a Canada Day picture before we headed to church. I just love photos with all that yummy red and white!

After church, Hubbers took the littles to the Kingston Canada Day events, Elastoboy went to a Canada Day party and Pirate Red, Mr. Hockey, Electric Lady, Big Guy and I headed to the nations capital (Ottawa) for the Canada Day festivities. We had a blast, but have all agreed that staying in Kingston is on the menu next year… the crowds were amazing!

Riding the bus from the Kanata Parc-n-ride.
Enjoying the summer sun. I love the “Stop TAKING my Picture!” look on Electric Lady’s face and the Parliament buildings behind Pirate Red and Big Guy.
We caught some busker action… Electric Lady looks pretty skeptical… then watched the big concert on Parliament Hill. Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady quite enjoyed their first “real” concert experience and clapped away to Simple Plan.
Finally, the night ended with Fireworks!

The crowd broke out into spontaneous singing of “Oh Canada.” One of those magical moments! Loved it!
Click Here to see the video!

What a great day!

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