Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 5:11pm

I took these pictures a while ago and just flipped through them when looking through iphoto. My intention when I took them was to mark a moment in time at our house and what better place to do that, than right here on my blog.

To set the stage – 5pm is often a very busy time in our house. The children I look for after school have usually just left, hubbers is just arriving home, my bigger boys are finishing up homework, electric lady is playing with friends and the littles are running in circles. This day wasn’t really much different – you can’t tell from the photos but it was a big hustle and bustle of noise, talking, electric beaters mixing and telling a certain young hockey player to do his work and that Pirate Red should not be building his egg contraption!

Big Guy decided to make a cake, Elastoboy was hanging out with his girlfriend, Mr. Hockey and Pirate Red were creating an egg contraption to prevent it from breaking when dropped from a large height (school project).

Monkey Girl, Little Why, Electric Lady and Cutie Pie (who was with us for a week) were dobbing up a storm with Dora colouring pagers and dobber markers. Hubbers had just arrived home from work and was looking at what to make for dinner.

I don’t have any photos of me but as you can see, I was running around taking photos of everyone else. There you have it… a moment in time at my house!

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