Winter Boot Blues

This was too cute not to share… so here is a cute moment post for you all to enjoy.

I have spent the past 48 hours trying to clean up our entryway cubbies, closet and shoe racks. Monkey Girl was determined to be my helper this afternoon and was assisting me in putting too small items in give-away bags.

I spied her pink winter boots up on one of the high shelves and placed them in a bag saying “We’ll give these to Candace’s baby.” (Because that is where we say we are giving all Chloe’s old things as this is more tangible to her than “We’re giving it to Bibles for Missions” or “Value Village.”)

She immediately started crying a huge, heartbreaking cry.
“Why you going give away my boots, Mommy? I need my boots!”

Monkey girl looked at me expectantly and I explained “You are too big for them now and in the winter time we’ll get you some new ones.”

Her heartbreaking cry continued as she ran to me and threw herself into my arms.
“I love my boots. They not to small, Mommy! You make them bigger for me!”

By now tears were streaming down her face and I tried again.
“Mommy can’t make your boots bigger, baby. We can go pick out some special new boots when the snow comes. There isn’t any snow outside now.”

She now started to get an angry tone to her heartbreaking cry.
“Yes you can, Mommy! And there IS snow outside. It ‘nin-vidible!'” (invisible is the new word for Monkey Girl and Little Why.)

I hugged her close and got a brilliant idea.
“You know what? They sell Thomas boots at Walmart in the winter time! I saw them last year. We could buy some for you in the winter time.”

A big smile appeared on her face and she did her happy wiggle then jumped up, out of my lap, and ran into the playroom yelling angrily “You DON’T say that, Mommy!”

I was surprised but contained it and said “Okay, baby. I won’t say that.”

A few seconds later she danced in a few circles, wiggled and smiled big.
“Okay, you say that now, Mommy!”

I said “In the winter time, we’ll try to go buy some Thomas boots for you.”

She did her happy dance and squealed “That make me SO happy! I love Thomas, Mommy!”

Ah… my goofy little girl! She is just so STINKING cute!
Here she is wearing the boots in question back in February.

Now I just need to keep my eye out for Thomas boots!

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