Summer School

…well, not really summer school!

However, all the big kids teachers recommended some areas they could improve on and should work on this summer. The littles love doing work sheets and colouring the ABC’s.

So I decided to make them some summer workbooks with them. I have made the sheets according to what would interest the big kids – hockey for Mr. Hockey, babies for Electric Lady, and Rap music/Skateboarding for Elastoboy.

I am just using the totschool ABC notebook pages from 1+1+1=1 for the little ones. I love all the printables over there!

So far, it’s worked out great. Electric Lady has actually been asking for more and she has a severe allergy to homework. (or so she tells me!) There have been some disgruntled looks and mumblings from Elastoboy who thinks it is entirely unfair that I require 30 minutes of his day 3 times a week to do some work, but the others are pretty pleased!

And I love the soft sounds of pencils and crayons on paper and the fact that my kids can all quietly work at one table for a few minutes out of a day.



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