A Little Birthday Girl

Monkey Girl turned 3 years old today!

Her party is tomorrow but we did some celebrating today with balloons on her bed, opening one of her presents and birthday cupcakes. I’ll be sharing those photos later on in a family update post (as I am a tad lazy tonight to take them off my camera).

For tonight, I will simply share the three things that I find most remarkable about my girl – there are many more – and a few pictures.

1. Her BRILLIANT smile. It really is the sunshine to my day on so many occasions.
2. How her intelligence shines through in so many things from learning her ABC’s to sneakily getting away with things she really shouldn’t.
3. Her love for me, her daddy and her siblings. She is my snuggle bug and wants to be with me always, but is sure to remind me when I refer to her as my baby or my girl, that she is “Everybody’s baby, Mommy. Not just yours. I loves everybody!”

This little girl make me smile, warms my heart and I couldn’t imagine my life without her!

Monkey Girl through the years – just a few days old, just under 1 year, and the day before her 2nd birthday.

Time sure does fly!

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