A Big Photo Dump… because it has been so long!

It has been weeks since I posted on my blog… a trip to New Brunswick, a good friend visiting and getting ready to do daycare again in September has been all-consuming of my time so I figured I was due to post a family update! There won’t be a lot of words with these photos, but hopefully they speak for themselves!

Canada Day cake making and trip to Ottawa.

Going for a Rain Walk and Swimming lessons.

Fun times for me and the littles while Daddy and the crew were in NB.

Visiting Picton with Grandma June, Elastoboy and the little ones.

Trotting around the neighbourhood in Halloween costumes is how we have fun ’round here!

The park by the falls in Napanee with Monkey Girl, Little Why, Mr. Hockey and Pirate Red.

The boys have a sleepover.

Swimming in the pool and Angel Eyes moves in!

I love this picture of Mr. Hockey’s feet sticking out of the pool while Elastoboy does a flip on the trampoline! Acrobatic kids!

Fun at the Buskers’ Festival in Kingston.

More fun at the park!

Just goofing off around the house – watching Burn Notice, late night chocolate milk runs, funny faces and a Electric Lady pretending to be pregnant.

Monkey Girl’s turns 3 and adoreable cupcakes created by Pirate Red.

The Big Birthday Bash – Littles, Mediums and Bigs!

This is how we party – wearing kitty cat hats while eating cupcakes, pinnate smacking and opening presents! We also painted and blew bubbles too!

Blowing out the candles and making a wish!

A pretty sunset over Kingston one evening. I love sunsets!

Two first haircuts for two adorable little girls!

Wonderland with Pirate Red, Big Guy and Supergirl. (Our good friend from NB)

Feeding the ducks in downtown Kingston.

And the Beach near Picton! I love these photos!
First, we’ll introduce the beach bums – Elasoboy, Mr. Hockey, Electric Lady, Supergirl, Pirate Red and Me!

Great group shots – we had so much fun!

Told you I love sunsets!

Playing in the sunset.

Whew… there you have it… our past month and a half. I didn’t include our NB pictures as I am going to do another post about our trip in a bit.

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