Resist Tube Paintings

Monkey Girl LOVES to paint. She asks to do it frequently.
On the afternoon before we took off for NB, she requested painting as an activity. I did some brainstorming and came up with this idea. I imagine someone else somewhere on the web has thought of this, but I’ve never come across it, so I’ll say it is my idea=p

Anyway, all I did was roll up some normal pieces of paper and put 5 or 6 elastic bands around the rolled paper. I made sure the bands were lying flat and spaced out nicely.  They make nice telescopes too!

I let the little three go at it with some paint and a paint brush. I encouraged them to paint over the elastic bands too. I think I would use wider elastic bands in the future but I went with what I had.

When the paintings had dried… or before they had dried because I am impatient like that… I carefully removed the elastic bands and then trimmed off the white at the top from the paper being rolled over itself.

And Ta-Da! Pretty paintings for the wall!

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