Cottage fun, Old Home Week and plenty of fun in NB

We had a ton of fun one our annual trip to NB. I had so many pictures, I thought our trip deserved its own post. Life will be back to normal next week, so I am hoping to get back to posting regularly again!

On the way, we stopped at a park for a snack, enjoyed books and stickers and saw the moon rising over the hills in Quebec.

Once there, we spent time at my parents’ place, looking at cows and playing ring around the rosies. We also took a trip up to the “Ark” and my old church BRC where I spent a lot of time as a teenager.
We saw other people and had other fun in Florenceville too! We saw Grampy Brad and Nanny Diana, Aunt Dawn and the kids and my good friend Helen and her children too.


The Old Home Week fair took place while we were in NB and it was great to take the kids and have some fun. I was pretty nostalgic while there, as I spent many a summer looking forward to it when I was a child and since my grandfather was a holstein farmer, I spent pretty much the whole week there while he judged cattle shows.

Then there was the fun at the cottage… we had a lot of that and GREAT opportunities for photos too! It was nice to spend the time with Hubbers’ family and let the kids experience cottage life.

We spent lot’s of time feeding the ducks, something the littles still talk about now!

While at the cottage, we took a short jaunt down the road to King’s Landing. Electric Lady, her same age cousin and the little ones enjoyed themselves, even though it was a hot, hot day and there was a lot of walking involved. The boys, on the other hand, whined and complained the entire time!

We also spent some time in Fredericton. Hubbers and I took a date night there while his mom and dad watched the kids and we also went there to take his brother home and let the littles play at Odelle Park. They were rather impressed with the climbers and ducks!

And there you have it! Our trip to NB!

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