Changes, Many Changes and New Routines too!

I haven’t been posting much about the goings on in our home lately, so I thought I would share a few of our recent changes to our routines! We’re working on getting things into a nice routine, so bare with me and the blog! I only have a few minutes as naptime is nearly over so it’ll be short and sweet!

Earlier in the summer (mid July) Little Why’s sister moved in. She is 2.5 and very busy. We weren’t planning on any more little ones at this time but are happy we said yes. It is great to put siblings together and we rather adore her too!
Little Why was so excited to have her move in but it sure did cause some issues for him. He became a very different boy (loud and not listening) for a few weeks but seems to be doing better now. She has fit in well… although I really wish we could convince her that screaming and saying “NO” loudly are not the best forms of communication! Good thing she’s so darned adoreable!=p

Elastoboy started High School which starts a full hour before the younger kids so he (and I) have begun to get up at 6:40 rather than our lovely 7:20 of last year. This has been a big change and has come at a welcome time. Angel Eyes is an early riser so having to get up that early anyway makes it not seem so bad.

Next, I’ve started doing home daycare with little ones this fall. I did this in the past and have worked in many daycare centres so I have lot’s of experience. I have some really great kiddos added and we have a lot of fun. It does make things busier around the house for sure! Monkey girl, Little Why and Angel Eyes are adjusting well… although Monkey Girl did tell me yesterday “Me like my new friends, Mommy. But sometimes…. sometimes me just want with you only!” then gave me a big hug. We spent some one on one time today as she is my only non napper on Tuesday and Thursday right now.

Electric Lady also started a new school this fall. She has joined Mr. Hockey at his school and the school that Monkey Girl, Little Why and Angel Eyes will start sometime in the next few years. This has been good as she has been making new friends but her teachers are still getting used to her “quirks” so it has been an interesting few weeks of phone calls and meetings with teachers!

Hubbers is now responsible for appointments, etc as I can’t really take 6 toddlers and preschoolers (3 of mine, 3 little friends) to the doctor, dentist, school, etc. I am having a hard time with not being in the loop for that, but I trust hubbers to ask the right questions and advocate for our kiddos. He loves them too, afterall!

Nothing new for Mr. Hockey… other than having his sister in his class. He has been an excellent brother – advocating for her, playing with her, introducing her to his friends. It has been much better than I expected! Big Guy is also pretty much the same, although I do drag him out of bed to walk a schoolage boy I care for to school from time to time when Hubbers needs to go to work early.

Pirate Red started University this week as well which has been an adjustment for me! She is such a big help with the little ones and we have a lot of fun too so we’ve been missing her around here!

Hmmm… I think that may be all the changes and adjustments for now! Sure does send our house into haywire mode! Okay… so that wasn’t short or sweet… but I am a fast typer and still have 5 minutes left! haha

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