Back to school, Going to the Zoo and Just Having Fun

It’s been about a month, so I figured I should do a nice family update! It’s been a bit quieter of a month with school going back in and things getting back to normal around here after the summer months.

The kiddos had fun with dressup clothes!

Hubbers and I took a trip to Toronto for a few days – totally kidless and this was the view from our hotel room.

We took a family trip to the zoo. It was a scorching day… my big kids complained the whole time and the little ones just wanted to play in the splash pad… but it was still a good little trip=)

After the zoo, Pirate Red, Monkey Girl, Electric Lady, Mr. Hockey and I went to downtown Toronto for a little adventure. We went to the fancy Loblaws to get yummy cupcakes and walked around younge street for a bit.

We had my uncle, aunts and cousin come for a visit, celebrated Jacob’s Adoption anniversary with them and went to the park.

School began this month – Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady are in grade 6, Elastoboy is in grade 9 and the little 3 are home with me doing a preschool program with my in home daycare.

I took a photo of a lovely sunrise and a pretty sunset too!

We took a trip to Queen’s campus to help Pirate Red find her classes. We had some moments of fighting (Electric Lady and Mr. Hockey spent our first hour there whining and picking fun at each other), moments of dancing (Electric Lady put on a show in the biosci complex), moments of singing (which caused Mr. Hockey to move inside the bus shelter and pretend he didn’t know us) and moments of taking crazy pictures (because we truly are a crazy bunch). It was a good night!

And just because he is a handsome fellow… here is Elastoboy!


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