Totschool – Fall, Fall, Fall, How I love Fall!

Tot School

My tots (and extra tots) are between 2 and 4 years old.

We stepped away from our Letters of the Alphabet to work on a fall theme this week. We had a lot of fun looking for signs of fall and making colourful crafts.

On Monday, we took an adventure to the park, looking for signs of fall along the way. I made a picture scavenger hunt of things like coloured leaves, squirrels gathering food, pumpkins on people’s doorsteps, etc. We found everything on the list! We also played in the back yard and enjoyed the swingset.

We also coloured fall pictures with markers. This was a pretty big hit with the girls but the boys decided that running around with trains and monster trucks was way more fun.

On Tuesday we started by making handprint trees. First I used black paint (because I was out of brown) to make each of their handprints, including their arm. I then made a line across the bottom with green paint and asked them to make the grass green. Some kiddos stayed inside the line, others… not so much but that is okay. It was their project! Next, I gave them some

The kids were particularly bonkers this day and it was raining outside, so I let them have an episode of Diego midmorning. It really helped with my sanity for sure!

We did some tot trays this day too. I had a few puzzles out as well as the pumpkin tray and stickers but the puzzles never got any attention. The stickers were definitly the favourite. After trays, we read some books to pass the time before lunch.

We played with musical instruments and listened to sesame street music after naptime.

On Wednesday, we started with calendar time, as usual, and then had free play. This day, they all piled after the Dora dollhouse which they hadn’t even looked at the week previous. Kids are so funny sometimes!

The kids made fall bracelets after free play. I had to help the littlest 2, but Angel Eyes, Monkey Girl, Little Why and one of the girls I look after loved it. I was pretty impressed with how well they were able to slide the beads on the elastics!

We spent the afternoon making mud pies and playing in the noodle table.

Thursday’s highlight was a picnic at the park.

We also spent time reading stories about fall and making sticker stories. I got this idea from Play At Home Mom. I tweaked it a little – I gave the kiddos a wide selection of stickers to choose from and encouraged them to tell stories as they stuck them on. When they were done, I took each child aside individually and asked them to tell me their story. I wrote down whatever they said. They turned out very cute!

On Friday, I drew some leaves and cut them out for the kids to colour. When they were done, I encouraged them to spread white glue on a donut shape and glue their leaves down. The finished product was a colourful fall wreath!

We had spent extra time singing songs during circle and then extra time enjoying the lovely weather outside, so we didn’t get to tot trays. However, Monkey Girl requested the  leap frog alphabet toy during naptime. Then she and her little friend played doctor until the other little ones woke up.

That’s it for our fall theme! Check in next week for the letter Cc!

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  1. Your handprint trees are adorable! The leaf wreath is a great idea for color recognition, fine motor, and spacial relations. Thanks so much for sharing. great inspiration!

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