A Medieval Thanksgiving Feast

Our family did Thanksgiving in a slightly different way – we dressed up in Medieval costumes, played Medieval characters and at Medieval food. It was a blast (from the past?) and was enjoyed by all!

First, the preparation!
Costume Making, Bread Baking…
Recipe Checking, Room Decorating…
Salad Preparing, Story Telling!

The theme behind our Medieval feast was a group of rebels getting together to overthrow an EVIL King and replacing him with a good King, of our choosing. Each member of the dinner had a background story and reasoning why they were at our dinner!
Meet the Cast!… and hear the story behind them!

Battlebeard (AKA, Big Guy)
A man from a land far away, who was charged with the protection of Lady Gwenevere. He has not done such a great job at this task, considering she was turned into a cat by the Evil King. He has sworn revenge and wishes to join the rebellion in hopes that he may be the one to take the head of the King!

Princess Monkey Girl
A lovely young princess who likes to play with her Mommy. Her mommy was kidnapped by the Evil King and she is here because she is a princess and needs to save her!

William (AKA Elastoboy)
But a poor peasant who is very hungry due to the Evil King’s reign over the community. He has confiscated much of the food and will only give it out once people have done horrible jobs for him. William broke into the feast in hopes that he could steal some food. once he realized what the feast was for, he decided to join the cause and came prepared to fight!

Rianna (AKA Electric Lady)
She cares for babies who have been orphaned by the Evil King. She is an ordinary peasant woman who happens to be blessed with a large house with many rooms to care for these babies. She is also offering her large home so that the rebels can plan their attack against the King!

King Henry the 4th of New Brunswick (AKA Grampie Brad)
King Henry has come to help salvage this poor distressed kingdom. He has heard of all the children being in dire need of new leadership due to the Evil King’s Reign. He plans to overthrow the current King and put in place a happier, more peaceful community for his followers.

Sir Francis the Furry (AKA Hubbers)
He is the Hedge Knight of Sir Gavin. He is on a mission to kill the King as he had killed his liege Lord Gavin the Galliant. He had pledged his life to this cause and once it is complete, he wishes to serve within the Rainbow Knighthood if given the Honour.

Unknown Executioner (AKA Mr. Hockey)
This mysterious character is a member of the King of New Brunswick’s own family. He enjoys keeping things to himself and always remains in the darkness. He serves as the King’s protector and has vowed to execute all people who would try and attack good King Henry!

Princess Angel Eyes
This little princess comes from another land where the Evil King has already destroyed the land and oppressed the people.  She was smuggled in during the night time by the royal Jester’s apprentice. She very much enjoys “cutting bananas” in her spare time!

Little Jester (AKA Little Why)
This colourful fellow loves to be funny and has taken a special interest in Princess Angel Eyes. He smuggled her in during the night and wishes to help her gain back her kingdom from the Evil King and will cut as many bananas as he possibly can in the process!

Marwin (AKA Grandpa Ray)
As the brother of Merlin, Marwin has experienced many strange occurances. One of these landed him in a time warp which trapped him in the year 2012 for a thousand years. He managed to come home through a worm hole. He is now back and wishes to join the rebellion.

Lady Elvira (AKA Grandma June)
As a Lady of the court, she is very proper. She was invited  to join the fight and agreed. She is not entirely sure how she got to the house but managed to find her way through the front door.

Olivia (AKA Me!)
Widowed when the Evil King killed her husband, she was left to lead a poor peasants life. She has raised her children to adulthood and now helps her daughter, Rianna, care for the orphans of the village. While Rianna cares for them as babies, Olivia teaches them right from wrong and to be literate as they grow older. She believes that if the children are educated, they will be able to live in a better world than her children grew up in. She carries around much anger towards the Evil King and wishes to bring revenge upon him and his court.

Quinn (AKA Pirate Red)
Quinn was the former Jester of the Evil King’s court. She escaped because the king was going to execute her for being late to a feast that she did not know about. Her predecessor was killed for similar reasons and before he died, he gave her his Jester’s mask and was told to escape. She was not quick enough and was sentenced to a life of servitude to the Evil King.
How did she escape? Well, read this lovely story and find out for yourself! (By Pirate Red, of course.)
I was exploring the castle one day and I found a lamp. Having heard of genies who supposedly live inside them, I rubbed the map and immediately a genie appeared. He granted me three wishes! Being quite a silly joker, I’ll admit, I impulsively wished for a yellow umbrella. It was completely useless because it rarely rained in that land where I used to live. Thinking I should probably wait and actually think about my other two wishes, I tucked the lamp into the scarf tied around my waste.

I made my way back to the main chambers and saw the King was having another gluttonous fest with his vulgar guests. I heard the King shout “Arrest that fool!” and to guards grabbed me and shackled me in irons. I was dragged to the gallows and all the way, I was hoping that I could just get the lamp in my grasp. Finally, as they threw the noose around my neck, I had the lamp in my grasp and I shouted “I wish to be saved!” At that moment, an angel swooped down from heaven and cut the noose around my neck and carried me away from the vile, screaming vermin on the ground.

The angel carried me far away to a grassy dale where he set me down. Along the way, I noticed him flying lower and lower, until it seemed he could not fly anymore.
“I’m losing my wings!” He said. “I left heaven to save your life, and now I can’t return.”
“Yes, you can!” I said, giving him the lamp. “There’s one wish left!”
“But I do wish to stay here.” Said the angel and with that, the final wish was made and the lamp fell to the ground, powerless.

The angel took my hands and we were supposed to live happily ever after, but the Evil King is a vengeful, rageful, and all around horrible person and he would not let the matter rest. He hunted us down with his best huntsmen, sorcerers and bloodhounds. He found us. We were no match for his power and they killed my angel. He gave up immortality for me and he died way too soon. He sacrificed himself for me, once again. He held them off and bid me flee to find other rebels to take down the Evil King, so our world would not forever be shadowed by his wicked powers. Not wanting him to have died in vain, I escaped and now have gathered together, here with all of you, so we can take the Evil King down and restore the true monarchy.

After introducing our characters (and telling stories about them), we enjoyed the feast!

We finished the evening off with some lovely entertainment from our Jester. Her juggling and flute playing were simply amazing!

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