Totschool: Cc is for Caterpillar

Tot School

My tots are between 2 and 4 years old.

For any new people popping over from totschool, I do an inhome daycare, have 2 little forster children and my biological daughter – 6 kiddos in all – and these are our adventures this week! The letter Cc was on the menu and we had lots of fun with it!

On Monday we painted with our homemade liquid watercolours. First we just painted pictures, then moved onto painting our C’s! Once they dried, the littles added caterpillars to the letter. (Letter craft from the Animal ABC from 1+1+1=1.)

We later decorated cookies and pretended to be caterpillars munching, entering a chrysalis and then turning into a lovely butterfly to fly around the house.

On Tuesday, we started with colouring pages in our alphabet notebooks. The printables came from 1+1+1=1.

For our tot trays on this day, we had a butterfly puzzle, a crayon rubbing station, the Water Doodler, matching cards and a magnetic vehicles toy.

We painted with carrots on Wednesday. This was a big hit and the kids thought it was SO funny!

They also had some fun in the backyard. Mud pies and Tonka Trucks are definitely two of the favourite activities.

The older girls had fun playing veterinarian to our toy cat collection (and then every other animal they could find too).

We counted and sorted cats by colour on Wednesday then went outside to sit on the steps and play Eye Spy colours before going for a little walk.

We did a “Cat School” training class on the grass in front of the house after our walk. The children all pretended to be cats and I instructed them in different activities. They were pretty excited by this game!

We spent most of Friday outside. We used the swings and sandbox in the backyard and then took a trip to the park in the afternoon.

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