Giving yourself Grace

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This has not been one of my better weeks… I have felt grumpy, high, low and all over the place from one moment to the next. I am not usually like this but I do get terribly thrown off when the house is out of sorts. You know how little kids need rhythm and routine? Well… apparently I do too or I am just not at my best.

I have yelled at my toddlers, snapped at my middles and rolled my eyes galore at my teenager. I have mopped the floor begrudgingly, avoided laundry like the plague and forgotten important things like my cell phone. I have argued with my husband and grumbled at my church (I need to get that darned Criminal Record Check done for Sunday School volunteerism). In essence, I haven’t been the most fun person to be around the past week.

Accompanied with my “no fun” personality, a heavy layer of guilt has covered me. Carrying around a heavy dose os guilt for a grumpy week doesn’t make you feel less grumpy.

A blog I started to read a few weeks ago (Finding Joy) recently mentioned giving yourself grace when you mess up. As I was reading it, I felt some of that heavy burden of guilt lift off my shoulders. I am not a bad mom. I am a mom who makes mistakes and has bad days (or weeks) but I am not bad. My kids will be fine… some apologies, chocolate and playing with them will help heal wounds. There are times when we, as moms and dads, need to imply give ourselves grace and move on.

As for me and my grumpy self? Well, I am going to start with being thankful. Isn’t there a Veggie Tales song about a thankful heart being a happy heart?

My thankfulness list today:
1. My beautiful kids.
They make my life so much more fullfilled. Give me smiles, give me hugs and make my heart grow fonder everyday.
2. A wonderful husband who may not see some things the same as I do, and gets annoyed at my forgetfulness but loves me just the same. He works hard for our family and our home and I have a brand new floor and freshly painted walls in my living room to show for it. I am certainly a blessed woman.
3. Netflix back to help keep my squirmy 3 year old quiet while the other littles are sleeping. Sure, too much TV is bad. But a bit to give your mommy some sanity? Not so bad, especially when you are learning about Jelly Fish and Sea Turtles.
4. Fall… I love this season. I love the trees, the crispness in the air and bright orange pumpkins.
5. God’s Grace because without it, I would be surely destined to a miserable life.

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One Response to Giving yourself Grace

  1. this ‘giving yourself grace’ you write about is a theme that i must return to on a daily basis.
    maybe it’s true that ‘they will know we are christians by our love’ . . . but i think love is best manifested through a life well-taught in giving grace to the one who needs it most — the one in the mirror.
    beautiful, honest post. and your list is just lovely.

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