Totschool: Thanksgiving Fun

Tot School

My tots are between 2 and 4 years old.

I’m a bit behind, so I am posting about our Thanksgiving week now. We had a lot of fun working up to the big day!

On Monday, we started with counting fruit. I put half peices of paper with numbers and the names of fruit on the table and added in bowls of fruit. Each bowl had a different number of fruit in it – 10 carrots, 3 bananas, etc.) The kids had so much fun! I invited them each individually but all the others chose to hang around and watch their friends sort the fruit.

Then we made a yummy fruit salad! (after washing the fruit really well, of course)

The enjoyed the above activity so much that we didn’t do anything more than go outside and do some colouring but they had a fun morning.

On Tuesday we made handprint turkeys. First, we talked about the colours and how they all related to fall. Next I painted their hands and stamped them on the papers. After we finished the turkeys, I interviewed them about Thanksgiving. I always love interviews with little kids! Once the turkeys were dry, I drew features on them. Easy and cute!

For our tot trays, we shined rocks, jumped frogs from one lily pad to the next, built a fruit puzzle, played playdough and traced letters. They enjoyed the playdough so much that I pulled it out after our outside time in the afternoon too.

Wednesday started with calendar. We did all our normal activities then played with the letter basket. I had the kiddos pass me a picture from the basket and everybody else had to guess what it was.

The littles had fun making cornucopias. It was pretty simple with not a lot of creativity but they all were pretty impressed with their final result. We had talked about cornucopias during circle so the simple paper piecing craft solidified it for them. Love Monkey Girl’s tongue stuck out!

I pulled out puzzles for our tot toys this day. They kept their interest for a good, long time!

Thursday had a slow start. My little daycare friends came a bit later – our normal 7:30 fellow didn’t show up until 9:30, same with our 8:30 little girl. One little boy doesn’t come until 9 anyway, so it was a quiet morning here. Babies have been a favourite of Monkey Girl, Angel Eyes and Little Why for the past little bit and that was what they occupied their time with while lounging in their jammies.

Once everyone had arrived, we started out on a field trip to the Library. It is not a far walk, but with 6 little ones in tow, it took quite a while to get there – having to pick up every leaf, stray dandelion and rock along the way, of course.

We made a pit stop at the park for a picnic and a little energy burn off after our quiet time at the library. Love my little straggler on the walk home=)

On Friday, we had a bit low key of a day. We began with circle and sang the song “Corner Grocery Store.” I had made some felt food and other items to go along with it and the kids were pretty impressed.

Later, I set up some table toys which the kids were quite engaged with. Our pumpkin transferring tray, the felt “Grocery Store,” cutting paper and dobbing Thanksgiving Hello Kitty pages.

And that be all for now, folks!

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