Where have I been? GISHWHES would be the answer!

Hubbers, Pirate Red and I entered GISHWHES this year.

It was a tremendously fun, terribly stressful and ultimately rewarding experience! It was only a week long but I have been off my game at home since that point. Building trebiches, dirtying all the dishes in the house in an attempt to create medieval armour out of cookware, and sugar high, halloween excited kids in the mix made for a pretty disorganized home. We are all back together now, so expect a bunch of posts from me real soon.

In the meantime – here are a few of our adventures! Many are videos, etc so not posting them here=)
Eating Lot’s of Kale, being coloured by toddlers!

Kissing through 11 items of food, a Flea Strip Club on a cat, A cake made and decorated totally by toddlers.

The cake making process, a Dinosaur made of Sanitary Napkins.

And last but not least… Worst Christmas Card Photo EVER! Haha… isn’t it lovely? angel Eyes is screaming BTW, you just can’t tell with her face blanked out=)

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