Totschool catch up – Letters E and F

Tot School
My tots are between 2 and 4 years old!

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts but I figured I needed to catch up! Over the past month we’ve done a Thanksgiving Theme, a Halloween Theme and some various Letter of the Week themes.

I’ll show some of our activities for letters E and F in this post! We had some fun with circle time – Going through our various activities on our Calendar Board, geussing what “e” word would be on our various flash cards from the letter basket,  talking about our animals of the week and playing sleeping elephants.


We had show and tell! That was a big hit with the kiddos!

We made our letter Ee is for Elephant craft from 1+1+1=1’s Animal ABC printables. We used puffy paint (glue and shaving cream mixture) for this one!

And then made the letter Ff is for Frog Animal ABC printables the next week! This time we got out the chalk pastels and coloured and shaded away.

We also used the printables from Animal ABC’s in our letter binders. Only pictures of the letter Ee below as I couldn’t find my camera on the day we did the letter Ff=)

The kids enjoyed an array of fun fall activities outside in the fresh air. We also discussed signs of fall everyday at circle, making a running list of everything we could think of.

As usual, we stuck with doing tot trays and fine motor activities. Pictured below you have patterning with frogs and butterflies, drawing on the chalk board side of the easel, playdough (of course), stepping stones game that I created, counting pennies as these kids have a fascination with coins, a Halloween cheerio book, the rice and treasure bin, a bin of blue macaroni and safari animals and plenty of learning puzzles.

Lot’s of sensory activities – both inside and out! Two favourites were water play with funnels, different sized containers and coloured water and exploring ice that had frozen in our water table overnight.

We spent some time talking about Remembrance Day during our letter Ff week. We made poppies, passed around real poppies in circle time, talked about what the day means and said thank you out loud for the brave soldiers.

We also did a few other crafts such as a paper piecing elephant and coffee filter art. The coffee filter craft was one of Monkey Girls all time favourites and she has asked to do it a few times since! It is very simple if you have never done it before – first have your child colour a coffee filter with washable markers then spray it with water form a spray bottle (we just cleaned an old fantastic bottle VERY well and used that). The colours end up spreading and mixing, making beautiful artwork. We later cut ours into leaves to put on the window.

That be all for now! Next up? Halloween… just a little late haha.

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