Simply 10 Things that Made me Smile Today!

Why am I posting things that made me smile today?

Well, I have a cold and it is making me grumpy and miserable. I noticed my grump was on first thing this morning so added “Take pictures of 10 things that make me smile” to my to do list. I was quite intentional with this… my other goal of being gentle with my words to my children didn’t pan out as well as I had hoped – a bit too much nagging, a few exasperated sighs and a full fledged yell of “WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING” to Little Why as I spotted him destroying a well loved book of Monkey Girl’s.

But… tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a hug and an apology makes all well again.

1. Enjoying a quiet afternoon with Monkey Girl while the bigger kids were playing with friends in various areas of the house and the other two littles were still napping. I was typing on my laptop, she was watching Chuck the Dump Truck and Friends but the comfortable companionship was lovely.

2. I loved seeing my kids exercise their imaginations this morning!
Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady played “Zombie Aplocalypse” all morning and built a fort in Monkey Girl and Angel Eyes bedroom where they staked out and fired “Zombie Killing Guns” (AKA Nerf Guns) at the enemy.
Monkey Girl, Angel Eyes and Little Why refrained from fighting (WOW) for 1 whole hour and lined up empty recycling, storage and toy bins in our entray way. They went on adventures all around the ocean in their little “boats.” They were even joined by a baby doll and a teddy bear for part of their journey!

3. Adorable fall paintings made by Monkey Girl and Mr. Hockey in their sixth grade classroom.

4. The fact that Elastoboy has a “Jesus Changed My Life” hat on his shelf of favourites.

5. My big tree and my younger three’s little tree both standing with lights proudly gleaming on our new living room floor as the sun was getting ready to set. I love all parts of this!

6. The late afternoon sun shining through my living room… giving a lovely glow.

7. The Santa pictures we got this afternoon as I decided to brave the mall while having a cold to go and see the Jolly Old Elf!

8. These reddish blond, crazy and all over the place curls on the back of Monkey Girl’s head. I always wanted a curly haired red headed daughter!

9. This Moose that hangs proudly at the top of my Christmas Tree. I got this ornament when I was 6 or 8 and while it is missing an arm, the scarf is tattered and there are scuff marks on the white paint, it still takes me to memories of decorating the tree every year with my mom.

10. Okay… I am a dork… but the fact that the expiring date on this yummy treat from Wal-Mart is December. It means Christmas is coming and all of it’s joy, colours and goodwill.

And with smiles in my heart and yawns on my face, I am off to bed!

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