Totschool – Poor Forgotten Dd!

Tot School
My tots are between 2 and 4 years old.


I just realized that I misnamed my Thanksgiving post as Dd is for Dolphins and that I never did post about letter Dd! I have issues with things being incomplete, so here it is!

We had lot’s of beautiful weather so spent lot’s of it outside, playing in the leaves.

We had lot’s of fun at circle time! The kiddos counted the date, swam on their bellies like dolphins, talked about dolphin pictures, and played “find the Dd’s” with our letter basket cards.

A favourite activity was marble painting our letter craft from 1+1+1’s Animal ABC’s. We used blue and green paint to help it look like an ocean then glued on the dolphins. All of the littles enjoyed rolling the marbles around in the box.

We also did some painting on the easel. They really love this and I need to remember to do it more often!

Tot toys were out this week as well! Here are some that I got pictures of! We usually have 4-6 different “trays” or “centres” out that the kids switch through. The activities not only reinforce fine motor and cognitive skills but also sharing and waiting your turn!
Colouring, washing pennies, stickers, rolling balls, using the Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake, playing with musical instruments, ocean magnetic puzzle, cutting practice and matching numbered stones.

Last, we spent time working on printables from 1+1+1=1. We did colouring, tracing, colours and doing a playdough Dd page.

And that would be it for our letter Dd week!

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