Totschool – Halloween Fun

Yep… still catching up=)
But we did so many fun Halloween activities, I still had to share!

We had fun with making witches brew and dumping, squirting and pouring coloured water. Monkey Girl and Angel Eyes were most excited by this one and I love how they would help one another.

We made some crafts – Simple ghost outlines that the kids filled in, cut out and added googly eyes to.

Pumpkins I drew and they created faces on. I made a bunch of different eyes, noses and moths and let them choose which they wanted to add to their pumpkins.

And simple small white pumpkins that the kiddos painted with acrylics.

We had some sensory fun with coloured spaghetti noodles and water play.

We had lot’s of different tot toys out such as our Cheerio halloween book, Toy cash register and coins, playdough, pumpkin counting, Mickey Mouse number puzzles, the Dora seek and find toy and a few more that I didn’t get pictures of.

We took a trip to the park to enjoy all the orangey fall colours.

And went for a costume walk to play in the leaves on another day!

The kids had fun mixing food colouring in a bowl of cornstarch and water and making forts in the living room as we prepared to remove the carpet.

They also had fun making halloween cookies and using the cookie cutters to make their bread into fun shapes.

And that would be it for Halloween! Next up – G and H!

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