Family Update – Fall Fun, Halloween and preparing for Christmas

Well, it has been a while since I posted a family update! Lot’s of things have happened so this will be a big one!
First of all, we enjoyed lot’s of nice (and not so nice, to be honest) fall weather. There was fishing, tea parties, autumn tree finding, backyard playing, park exploring and leaf jumping to be had in our family this fall!
1sthalf04 1sthalf081sthalf05 2ndhalf17

1sthalf31 1sthalf19
1sthalf18 1sthalf301sthalf27 1sthalf16 1sthalf26

In preparation for Halloween, we had our annual pumpkin carving night. Everyone gets a pumpkin, digs out the insides and designs their own face. We had a pretty big crew this year and couldn’t all fit around the table! Pirate Red, Angel Eyes, Little Why and Mr. Hockey’s buddy helped to make this an even more fun time.
1sthalf32 2ndhalf01
1sthalf36 1sthalf37 2ndhalf02
1sthalf33 1sthalf38 2ndhalf03
1sthalf35 1sthalf34

Our “everyday” family adventures included trebuchet building,  computer using,hockey season starting and kitty hugging at bedtime.
2ndhalf10 1sthalf11
1sthalf20 1sthalf10

We also had balloon animal making, hair fixing, snack making, adorable Angel Eye feet, floor installing, twister playing, race car driving and friend visiting fun.
1sthalf01 1sthalf09
1sthalf12 1sthalf25
1sthalf28 1sthalf29
1sthalf14 friends1

Celebrating Mr. Hockey’s, Elastoboy’s, Big Guy’s and Monkey Girl’s special days were… well… special. I didn’t get many pictures from the days as I was going through a “Forget your head if it wasn’t attached” period during the month of September… when we celebrated the boys’ special days! We always have a cake at home (or Chuck-E-Cheese in Monkey’s case) and then go out to the restaurant of the Special person’s choice. We do this to celebrate adoption or move in days. In Monkey Girl’s case, she has always been here, so we celebrate her dedication day instead!

1sthalf03 1sthalf072ndhalf33 2ndhalf352ndhalf34 mitch1

Dressing and Trick-or-Treating was an exciting time for everyone! It was a bit of a chilly and rainy night so we didn’t stay out as long as usual but it was still a good night.
2ndhalf09 2ndhalf05 2ndhalf08
2ndhalf07 2ndhalf04 2ndhalf06

We started out November with the Amherstview Santa Parade. It is always on the Saturday after Halloween and a great way to kick off the Christmas Season. I also prefer it for the littles as it isn’t yet too cold and it isn’t in the dark for afraid of the dark little girls…Ahem… Monkey Girl.

2ndhalf13 2ndhalf14 2ndhalf15 2ndhalf16

Hubbers went on a trip and brought back some fun surprises. We also got right to work on finishing Monkey Girl and Mr. Hockey’s school projects. It is kind of neat to have two sixth graders in the same school! They have definitely bonded more since joining the same class.
2ndhalf18 2ndhalf19 2ndhalf12

Last but not least, we started our family Christmas traditions with decorating the tree altogether. We played Christmas music and got everyone in on the action! It turned out quite lovely, if I do say so myself!

2ndhalf22 2ndhalf272ndhalf23 2ndhalf25 2ndhalf292ndhalf24  2ndhalf26  2ndhalf28  2ndhalf30 dom1

The finished tree!

And that’s it for now!

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