Totschool – G and H weeks!!

Tot School
My tots are 2-4 years old!

Still behind but getting caught up! This post will be about our G and H weeks.
We used the printables from 1+1+1=1’s Animal ABC’s to make our letter crafts. We used tissue paper and glue for Gg and Water colour paint for Hh. They had fun glueing down their gorillas and hippos too!
gh02 gh03
gh22 gh21

We spent some time outside but not as much as usual due to the time change. It has been getting dark around 4:30ish and quite chilly. We are usually outside during that time so were working out the kinks. Now we go out for longer in the morning and not at all in the afternoon. When it starts getting dark later again, we’ll switch to 2 times a day again.
gh04 hg2 gh18

Our secondary theme to our letters of the week was about how animals find it hard to gather food in the colder weather and how some even hibernate. We made bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed to help them out.
gh07 gh08 gh06

We spent some time on tot trays and table toys as well. During these two weeks, we used playdough and our ABC cutters, blew up long skinny balloons with a small airpump, coloured pictures, made funny faces, used stickers, played preschool games on the ipad and crayon rubbings.
gh05 gh01gh09 gh24 gh25
gh23 hg1 bla1

During circle time, we did lot’s of letter practice. We also played with our cards from our letter basket and took turns sorting them into Gg and Hh piles.
gh10 gh15

The kids had some fun with crafts too. A favourite was putting a square piece of cardstock into a large ziplock plastic bag and doing some colour-mixing. We had fun guessing what colour the two would make and the pictures turned out quite pretty.
We also made Hippos out of letter H. They look more like monsters, but the kids had fun anyway.
gh11 gh12
gh16 gh17

Finally, we decorated a small Christmas tree that the kiddos are aloud to decorate and undecorate (in an attempt to keep them from the big tree). 
gh20 gh26

And that is it for G and H! Next up, I and J then we are all caught up!

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