Happy Birthday, my Electric Lady!

bdayml1 1mustache1
This little girl? The adorable and feisty little 6 year old who joined our family in the spring of 2008? Well she really isn’t that little of a girl anymore!

I am a bit late posting this… it’s been busy around here and …ahem… my free time has not been spent blogging as of late thanks to Pirate Red introducing me to Sherlock! Gosh I love that show!

However, my newfound love of Sherlock did not impact my biggest girl’s birthday. Such a special and amazing girl definitely deserves her time in the spotlight! Especially for her birthday! Love that candle blowing photo… I think she’d do her “Jump up and down and shriek” trick she does when she is displeased about something if she were to spot it on my blog=p Shhhh… don’t tell her!
bdaym1 bdaym2

She chose to have a Laser Tagging birthday party this year so that is exactly we we did. She, the boys and a few of her friends had a great time shooting at each other. They then got to go into the New and Exciting Vault for 30 minutes to pretend they were thieves ducking around laser beams. I am pretty sure that was the highlight of the whole party for everyone. The littles even got to try it out.
bdaym3 bdayma1

I can’t believe another birthday has gone by us… and it has been nearly 5 years since Electric Lady entered our lives. When she left for a short time to try living at her Granny’s, there was a hole in our hearts and we knew she was a part of us. So happy to have this young (electric) lady in our lives and thank God for her!

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