The Gingerbread Drama

It all started when Grandpa Ray and Grandma June made home made gingerbread kits for the kids to make on Christmas Eve. It was a lovely idea, the gingerbread smelled absolutely scrumptious and the candies within were so colourful and varied that we were all eager to begin.

two2 two1

The drama began as we all sat around the table and began sticking our walls together. Hubbers was helping Little Why and I was responsible for helping Monkey Girl and Angel Eyes while the Middles and Big Guy built their own.

Everything is going well until…
“Angel Eyes! Don’t eat your walls or the house won’t stay together!” -Mr. Hockey

All eyes fall to Angel Eyes who had eaten the corner of one of her walls. The Gingerbread house is moved away until someone can help her. Problem solved.

Frustrated sounds start coming from one side of the table.
“My house won’t stand up! Every time I put on the roof, the walls fall over!” – Elastoboy Whines.

“You don’t have any patients. The one I am making for Monkey Girl is standing just fine!” – Me, with a bit of condescending in my voice.

Frustrated sounds continue, but we all focus on our own houses.

“Stop eating your Chimney, Angel Eyes!” – Electric Lady yelps, grabbing the offending peice of cookie from Angel Eyes hands. Gingerbread house is moved further away. Problem… solved?

houses04 houses06 houses02

“I am getting the glue gun!” – Elastoboy says, jumping up out of his seat.

“You can’t EAT glue! ” – Mr. Hockey and I yelp. Hubbers points to the chair and Elastoboy sits down.

“Mommy! My house is not standing up anymore!” – Monkey Girl cries, trying to stick one wall back to the others.

“Gah! Dang House! No… don’t touch it! It will only fall over more!”  – Me, pulling the house towards myself, franticly trying to put the walls back together.

Lot’s of frustrated sounds coming from all parts of the table. Little Why is resting his head on his arms, looking rather spacey.

“My house is working perfectly!” – Big Guy brags after a few minutes of taking in the frustration around him.

“ANGEL EYES! Stop eating your house right now!” – Electric Lady, again grabbing the pieces of the house away from Angel Eyes. We all know they are not safe, but are not sure where to put them considering the entire kitchen is covered in gingerbread.

“Where is the darned glue gun. This is ridiculous!” – I say as I begin to look in the craft cupboards.

“No, No, No! I will build the houses! Look, Little Why! Yours is done!” – Hubbers says as he proudly plants a gingerbread house in front of Little Why. Little Why slowly decorates it unenthusiastically.

“Show off!” – Me

“Fine, I’ll make a tank then!” – Elastoboy triumphantly yelps, grabbing a knife from the counter.

“My house won’t stay up!” – Mr. Hockey grumbles as he sits back in his chair, obviously giving up.

“Wow! Electric Lady, your house is looking great!” – Hubbers says, patting her on the back. She grins wildly and taunts Mr. Hockey.

After a quick survey of the table, I spot a half eaten gingerbread house and a very happy baby girl.
“Angel Eyes no longer has a chimney… or a gingerbread man… or a Christmas Tree for the front of her house.” – Me

“Dad, I think you should build hers next!” – Mr. Hockey says, with a fond grin on his face.

houses05 houses03 houses01

“I need more icing!” – Big Guy loudly declares.

“Well… you can take the stuff Angel Eyes is eating.” – Elastoboy says, pointing to a slobbery container of iceing.

Shriek, Scream, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.
“My House Fell Down!” – Electric Lady

and at the same time…

“So yeah, about that sturdy house of Little Why’s – It fell over!” -Me

“What did YOU do to it?” – Hubbers says, obviously blaming me for the catastrophe.

“Here, Mr. Hockey. My house is perfect. Let me build yours.” – Big Guy says as he begins to put Mr. Hockey’s house together.

“Nooooo! Elastoboy’s tank is going to shoot it! It needs to be rubble!” – Mr. Hockey shrieks, pulling the house away from Big Guy.

houses07 houses12

“Mommy? Me eat it now?” – Monkey Girl says, gesturing to her barely decorated house with all the candy located directly in front of her.

After giving Monkey girl as small amount of candy, I move her house and Angel Eyes house to the counter.

“Want Houseee! Waaaannnttt HOUUUUSEEEE!” – Angel Eyes begins yelling in her “Gonna throw a tantrum” voice.

Hubbers quickly moves in to distract her with something as I move on to help Little Why, who appears to be half asleep at the table.

“Me done now. Can I go lay down?” – Little Why groggily replies, going in to lay on the couch. Dora is quickly put in to both distract Angel Eyes and soothe a sick little boy.

“Electric Lady’s house is done now. Let me fix Monkey Girl’s.” – Hubbers

After handing over the house, which I have been holding together while dealing with everything else, I actually look at Elastoboy’s creation.

houses08 houses10 houses11

“Oh! Wow… you are actually making a tank… not a mess!” – Me

“MOMMM!!” – Elastoboy says with exasperation in his voice.

“Um… Dad? My house fell down.” – Electric Lady

Half an hour and a lot of house holding later, we had 7 complete… er mostly complete gingerbread houses… without even hunting down the glue gun.

houses09 houses13

Who knew it would be such a stressful experience! But would we do it again? Of course=)

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