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Summer School

…well, not really summer school! However, all the big kids teachers recommended some areas they could improve on and should work on this summer. The littles love doing work sheets and colouring the ABC’s. So I decided to make them … Continue reading

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Summer Fun, Ball Hockey and Grade 8 Graduation

We’ve had a busy month or so around here! It feels like we haven’t even had much time to breath with all the things that have been going on! We took a trip to my uncle’s place, near Ottawa. They … Continue reading

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Tis the Wedding Season

As many young (and not so young) couples begin to wed during the beautiful summer months, we have had a wedding all of our own. It all started with Monkey Girl and Little Why sitting on the kitchen table. I … Continue reading

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Family Update – Been a While

Well as I finished going through my photos to make this update, I noticed that I had added 92 pictures to my update folder. I figured that may just be a few too many for a blog post so I … Continue reading

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Pop, Pop, Pop, Popping Bubble Paintings

After my bubble science experiment with Monkey Girl, I decided to make bubble paintings with our bubble concoction. This time Mr. Hockey and Little Why helped Monkey Girl and I. First we added water, dishwashing liquid and some Mr. Bubble … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Sprinkles… and Sugar Cookies!

Hubbers bought us some Pilsbury cookie dough a few days ago. He knows that I love cookies… but also knows that I am pretty lousy in the cooking department… And it was on sale because there are cute little rabbits … Continue reading

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Stamper Love

  I have some foam stamps that I have collected over the years – one set for Valentines Day, one for Easter, one for Halloween and one for Christmas. The kids love using them, but the problem is that I … Continue reading

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