Family Friday – Worst Trip to Fond Memories

We took the kids for a trip to Toronto during march break. I won’t lie… I think it was the absolute WORST family trip we ever have taken! We have had a lot of family trips, and trust me, a lot of ups and downs during them but nothing quite like this.

We started with our cars muffler having problems. We can’t fit our whole family in the van so that left us scrambling.
We invited my friend to come with us (she is basicly family anyway) but then HER car had break troubles.
So we booked that friend and one of the boys (Elasto boy going to TO, and Mr. Hockey coming back) figuring we could just do two runs back and forth.
Once there we realized that our hotel was farther from the train station than we thought, and the Science Centre was farther from the hotel than we thought… making double trips troublesome.
Elecrtic Lady decided to loose all sense of control once we hit the hotel… hyper, disobedience and purposeful teasing of the other kids came out full force.
Electric Lady did not settle to sleep until 12:30.
Monkey Girl work up at 1:30… and didn’t go back to sleep until 5! (She did try to get her floaties on at 2:30 to go swimming though!)
Mommy became a zombie and walked around in a stupor the whole next day. Thankfully everyone else slept through the goofy play and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching of a toddler.
Mommy got seriously ripped off by a fake cab driver.
The Science Centre was packed… honestly I have never seen so many people in one building!
Electric Lady kept trying to ditch us every time we turned our head.
Elasto-Boy felt the need to point out all the flaws of our trip.
Dinner took 1 hour to order and find seating to eat.
Upon leaving, we discovered that the Swiss Chalet we intended to go to was closed and had to find another… much farther away from the Science Centre.
Waited for an hour for Hubbers to drive friend and half of the kids to the restaurant and come back to get us.
Ate yummy food… then finished and Queen Bee decided that since our trip was essentially over she would bring out some of her worst, rudest and nastiest behaviours in the middle of the restaurant while hubbers drove friend and Mr. Hockey to the train station. (thankfully only 10 mins away)
Van’s trunk lock became stuck… and we had to buy belts from a close by store to belt it down for the way home.
Friend and Mr. Hockey’s train was delayed and they sat at the train station for 1.5 hours waiting to leave.
Elasto-boy, Electric Lady and Queen Bee argued, yelled, hit and poked all the way home.

Buuuuutttt… that said… the kids have warmly talked about it ever since with lots of “Do you remember?” and “Wasn’t it fun when?”. Ah… the joy of selective remembering!

Here’s a few photos highlighting the better moments!

Mr. Hockey and Elasto-boy got along wonderfully and my friend was a great help with Monkey Girl!

The pool was a blast… except when we were being too loud and were told by the hotel staff to stop screaming…=p

Big Guy celebrated his big 20th b-day… by babysitting Monkey Girl for us in the toddler areas of the Science Centre… and smiled the whole time!

We explored lot’s of sciency activities.

And tried our best to enjoy the time together.



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