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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin Fun

It’s been a busy time lately with hubbers away, kids sick, my cousin coming to stay with us and all the time at the park we have been having due to the lovely sunshine. However, when my little Monkey Girl … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Sprinkles… and Sugar Cookies!

Hubbers bought us some Pilsbury cookie dough a few days ago. He knows that I love cookies… but also knows that I am pretty lousy in the cooking department… And it was on sale because there are cute little rabbits … Continue reading

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Experiments with Cupcakes

  I have been doing most of our crafts and science type of activities with the littles lately and Mr. Hockey requested that I do something with him, so I though we’d make cupcakes. However, they wouldn’t be ordinary cupcakes! … Continue reading

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Pizza Party

For our weekly family night, we decided to make Personal pizzas. It was a fun little activity, and yummy at that! Hubbers made the dough ahead of time to make things go more smoothly (our kids don’t have much patience) … Continue reading

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Snow Icecream

You know how parents often tell their kids “Don’t eat snow?” well… not me. I just tell them not to eat dirty snow, or snow people stepped in and definitly avoid yellow snow! However, if you find some nice, clean, … Continue reading

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Yum, Yum Cupcakes

Hubbers always makes some cupcakes for us to decorate near the end of Novemeber. We usually use candy and Christmas colours to get us in the spirit of the holidays. Other times during the year, I direct the decorating. I … Continue reading

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