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Back to school, Going to the Zoo and Just Having Fun

It’s been about a month, so I figured I should do a nice family update! It’s been a bit quieter of a month with school going back in and things getting back to normal around here after the summer months. … Continue reading

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Lies, Lies and more Lies

My 10 year old daughter has been full of lies lately… well she has always been one to spin a web and lie to get out of trouble but the past few weeks have been one after another. I am … Continue reading

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Spelling… With Creativity!

  Electric Lady HATES any form of homework. I know most kids don’t enjoy it, even say they dislike it but for her… it is totally true. She jumps up and down, has a tantrum, starts being saucy at even … Continue reading

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Electric Lady is 10! Holy Kitty Cats, where does time go?

My big girl hit double digits last Friday and had her big Ambassador sleepover party on Saturday night. She was beaming with delight through it all, with only a few greedy bumps on the way. Gift times always cause her … Continue reading

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Trick-or-Treat, Princesses, First jobs, a Grumpy Face and Hockey Fun.

While back East, my Mother In Law mentioned that I haven’t been posting pictures on ¬†facebook as often anymore. I hadn’t really noticed that my weekly photo dumps had turned into monthly and then bi-monthly photo dumps but she was … Continue reading

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Crafting And Decorating With My Girls.

Click on the button above to see other fun activities kiddos got up to this week! I found it interesting that the first thing Electric Lady and Monkey Girl wanted to do when we got home from our trip East … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Calendar Time

The Idea: I mentioned in my last tot school post that I have put together a calendar for Monkey Girl and Electric Lady. The set up that we have is really more advanced than I would typicaly put together for … Continue reading

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