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Summer Fun, Ball Hockey and Grade 8 Graduation

We’ve had a busy month or so around here! It feels like we haven’t even had much time to breath with all the things that have been going on! We took a trip to my uncle’s place, near Ottawa. They … Continue reading

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Totschool – Anything Goes!

We’ve been in a “no theme, just fun activities” mood lately. It has been busy around here and I would rather spend my time playing with he littles than planning an elaborate theme. In the past 2 weeks, we have … Continue reading

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Attack of the Marshmallow Men!

A while back, I do not know from where or who, I saw the idea to use tooth picks and marshmallows to make people. I thought it was such a delightfully simple idea that I filed it away in my … Continue reading

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Tis the Wedding Season

As many young (and not so young) couples begin to wed during the beautiful summer months, we have had a wedding all of our own. It all started with Monkey Girl and Little Why sitting on the kitchen table. I … Continue reading

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Totschool Again with the letter Zz and Zz-oodles of fun

My tots are 37 months and 33 months old. It has been a while since we’ve done a totschool post here… which is mostly because we have only been doing a few totschool activities a week for the past 3 … Continue reading

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Right now…

I sit here on the couch… Listening to the sounds of numerous buckets of toys being dumped out. Calling out “What are you guys doing?” Being told “No Mommy, It is surprise! You can’t look!” Wait… listen to more toy … Continue reading

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