The Word of God

Mr. Hockey, Electric Lady, Queen Bee and I took a bike ride over to the park a few days ago. Once there I decided to be silly:

“MWAHAHA, I am your evil mother and you must pick up ALLLLL the sticks in the park.” (there were a lot of sticks)
Cue kids running around like  crazy trying to suggest ways of defeating me.
“Nope, I am all powerful! Watch me shoot the birds from the sky with my evil umbrella gun!”
Begging me to stop ensues, Electric Lady decided to become evil as well, taking over the bird shooting – with lightening bolts from her finger tips.
Mr. Hockey shot me with his finger tips.
I announced “I am so evil, nothing will defeat me! I shall wait until the moon rises and shoot it from the sky!”
Mr. Hockey let out a peircing scream while Queen Bee got a great, unargueable idea!
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the end.” Queen Bee announces, followed by…
“Jesus Wept.”
Mr. Hockey chimed in “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Her comments took me by surprise… I looked at her a moment trying to decide how to counter and then… it hit me! I can’t! She’s right! God’s Word IS all powerful. God CAN defeat evil. AND MY KIDS GET IT!
I then became overjoyed… really… not just pretending and jumped up and down hugging them each, chanting “I shall kiss you and hug you and love you forever. I am Good, I am Good.”
Of course, we still had the task of changing Electric Lady to the good side and while she desperatly wanted to remain evil, even she couldn’t argue that the power of God would win.

It was a fun beginning to imaginary play at the park. The rest of our adventures were filled with sailing on a magic ship to the promised land, killing evil snakes, spiders and bringing healthy food to candy land so the people wouldn’t get sick.

So much fun… I like playing with my kids!

Shooting evil snakes, driving the “ship”, skipping around while sprinkling “healthy dust.

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5 Responses to The Word of God

  1. Now THAT is an awesome story! 🙂 Even when we think we aren’t getting through to them, we are! 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    Wow! This brings tears to eyes!

  3. anneabell says:

    Me too… I just couldn’t keep myself from smiling all the way home!

  4. Wonder Mom says:

    That is a beautiful moment for you as a mother! To know they are hiding HIS word in their hearts- AWESOME!!!!

  5. Ticia says:

    That is an amazing story! God is powerful.

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