And Then There’s Christmas

If you look through my blog posts for the month of December, you’ll see lot’s of activities and fun to build the excitement of Christmas. I LOVE the weeks before the big day… but Christmas Eve and Day are what it is all about!

I had a terrible time picking out photos to share in this post, so I made my top 10 events/topics. They are in no particular order, just the way I thought of them as I was exporting them=)

1. The Church Christmas Program
For your info, in the Sunday school play, Monkey Girl is a little sheep, Elastoboy is a Ram, Mr. Hockey is the brown ox and Electric Lady is Mary. Prince Charming is supposed to be a sheep too, but refused to go up on the stage at the last minute=)

In the youth play, the kids acted out different aspects of Christmas that take our eyes off of Jesus. Electric Lady was a girl building a snowman, Elasoboy was a Christmas present and Mr. Hockey was Greed (his best friend was Envy). Hubbers was Jesus, who came out in the end to set the record straight. The kids had a lot of fun with this one and it turned out really great!

2. The little stuff that made everything just seem a bit more merry.
Our cool snowman fridge (Idea from Pinterest), and yummy whipped cream and fruit candy canes that hubbers whipped up for snack.
We made some Christmas Eve cupcakes and I love the look of the stockings  before we dug into them on Christmas morning.
Our Christmas tree before we added the presents and then again as I was walking up to bed on Christmas Eve.
Finally, our house decorated for Christmas. I love Christmas lights!

3. Christmas Eve.
Excited little Monkey Girl, going to a Christmas Eve church service and our yearly “sit in front of the tree” Christmas Eve photo. (It’s much cuter in the orginal where I didn’t have to cut off Prince Charming=p)

4. Christmas Morning and Stocking Opening
Sleepy, excited faces… and Monkey Girl tackling a chocolate bear from her stocking while nobody was looking! Sneaky, Sneaky!

5. Unwrapping presents!
Our living room was a sea of wrapping paper and Christmas goodies as the kids dove into their gifts. Monkey Girl took almost all morning to open hers as she played with each one.
I love Electric Lady’s response when she opened her journey doll – the present she wanted most of all. We tried to keep some order with Hubbers passing out the gifts slowly, so that each child had one to open and they could take their time and enjoy them.

6. Vistors
We had some nice time with family and friends who popped by. My batman snuggly was a pretty popular item!

7. Being together
I just love when my kiddos get along. We seemed to get a lot of it during the Christmas break and, as Kailan says, it makes “my heard SUPER HAPPY!”

8. Favourite gifts
The kids had some gifts that really stood out as favourites. They were not always the ones we expected but it was great to see the enjoyment on their faces. Prince Charming loved the little Furreal duck that Big Guy got the family for Christmas, Monkey Girl was in love with her magnetic kittens, Electric Lady loved her Journey Doll, Elastoboy loved our new family present – the Wii, and Mr. Hockey really loved his Air Hog airplane.

9. Christmas Breakfast
We aren’t a bacon and egg breakfast family – it’s mostly toast, cereal, oatmeal and bagels around here but for Christmas and Easter we always have a big breakfast. We all love it.

10. Favourite Photos
These are my very favourite Christmas photos=)
Monkey Girl just being cute, Prince Charming eating iceycles off the wagon, Elasoboy loving his new Ipod gear, Electric Lady pretending to be little orphan Annie, Mr. Hockey’s sweet smile and Big Guy looking sleepy, yet happy.

And with that, Christmas is all done til next year. We made lot’s of Christmas memories and truly enjoyed ourselves – the best Christmas we’ve had in years!

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